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Are you interested in true stories on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality, and Violence from

Global Dialogues is an international program that began in 1997 in the United
Kingdom. It's mission is to promote global public health and societal well-being.
Videos are viewable on their
YouTube channel in several languages.

Global Dialogues to learn more.
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You have a story to tell!

The Friends of Benin want it.

'The Deadbeat'* Newsletter is a publication for the Friends of Benin community to
reminisce, share, and empower through knowledge, stories, and giving.

summer issue will focus on Peace Corps Benin staff. The staff for whom if they were
not there PCVs wouldn't be able to do their job. Staff is host country nationals and
Americans. Share your story with the community. All are welcome to contribute.
Submit a 500 to 700 word story with one to two photos. Deadline June 15th, 2013.

winter issue will surely warm your heart with stories of Thanksgiving and Christmas
in country. Share your story of Christmas adventure or Thanksgiving bonding.
Submit a 500 to 700 word story with one to two photos. Deadline October 15, 2013.

*Copies of the Deadbeat Newsletter are only available to members.
Non-members who contribute receive one copy.